Somewhere in the Land of Enchantment...


I've been away for far too long. I have forgotten what this site was about. I forgot what its purpose was. I plan to revisit it, evaluate it, and update it.

As a blog site, it was something of an experiment. I started it about 9 years ago. I was sitting in Fontana, Ca waiting on a load to hit my truck's Qualcomm unit. Back then, I was a professional driver, and running cargo was the name of that game. The notion for this site hit me during downtime between the deliveries and pick-ups, I did on a daily basis. I wrote lousy. I drew lousy. I couldn't make time to game. It was a rough and brutal affair.

So I got on the internet, and researched. Made writing a daily practice for a while. Then I got distracted. Not much different than I am today. I spend more time on Breeze Sites like Facebook, and Google+ these days. I have just as much to talk about there, as I would here. I have a better audience on those sites. I didn't care about the analytic process, so I never followed up with the kind of traffic this site generated. I still don't rightly care.

GAME ZOMBIE remains the same today, as it did when it was first created. A face-lift or two since. I have friends that MIGHT come by. Feedback is always welcomed. I just never really got any. Now that I am back on here, I feel comfortable. I know that I can write with a clear mind about anything I choose to. On subjects that I like. Part of the time, I wrote about things I didn't like. I plan to change that. I've always liked gaming. I need to get back on topic.

I've left many things here unattended. I had ideas that were somewhat good, and they still seem perfect for a site named GAME ZOMBIE. I might even fill up and add categories on the sidebar. Everyone may not know, but I do have time on my hands. In the meantime, I can be found hanging out with my family. Otherwise, I am on messing around with one campaign or another.

These days, I am enjoying a couple brand new SAVAGE WORLDS games. One is a pretty basic, out of the setting book, spin into a HELL on EARTH campaign. It's named ROJO CHAMPAIGN and nestled in the middle of the Post Apocalyptic landscape of DEADLANDS RELOADED. I believe I made more mistakes through that game than any other campaign I've ran. A little embarrassing, but it is... only a hobby.

The other campaign I've dedicated a lot of time with, is a SAVAGE WORLDS bash on SHADOWRUN. It is vast, complex, and very Sixth World. A very hard hit on the original setting, and made very much SAVAGE WORLDS. One of the bragging rights of the effort, is that the play group successfully finished a complex run in about 4 hours. I say it was complex, because it was based on a written adventure for Shadowrun 3rd Edition. Quite a feat alone.

Well, I aim to wrap up it up here. Thank you for visiting the gaming blog. Maybe I will see you at my gaming table.

Stay Safe, and Happy Gaming!
Oh! Did you catch that? The Date? My first blog entry this year. Yeah, it feels good to wrangle a brand new post and share it. 


Good Afternoon my Fellow Gamers,

Back again with a new entry. Tracking a new day job is a hassle. I've registered with a few resources, again. Not real picky with prospects, because I still make time to write, blog, design, and game. I'd like to do more illustrating too, but it seems the ol' knack for it has escaped me. I'll find it. I doubt it ran away.

In the meantime, more updates where I can fit them. Such as... OPEN BETA PLAYTEST ...for Entropy RPG. I've given it about 5 reads through it already. I am liking it, and look forward to seeing the completed version. I plan to have more about it soon. I want to be sure what I am allowed to get away with first.

Stay Tuned, Stay Safe, and Happy Gaming!
Jesse "James" Rexroad


Good Afternoon my Fellow Gamers,

I've had a little time off from the game. Needed to spend some time on real world matters. Like, get a new day job. Aside from that, school will be kicking off in over a week for my son. Registration, and shopping for supplies hitting the top priorities this week. Fun sort of stuff, along with adding new cloths to his wardrobe and style.

Once that is taken care of, then I will be focusing on the fellowship I enjoy. Gaming! Not much that is new will be available yet. Looking forward to getting a copy of Doomtown which is a new LCG. Also I will be wanting to track down a copy of Shadowrun Crossfire. They will both be fun to look through and play.

As for the other matter, I haven't decided what to really do. The RPG sessons were pretty important, and was starting to shape up in a very positive way. It was both surprising and disappointing that events turned out the way they did. I believe that I've been flexible and open-minded. Though the challenge of it is very frustrating. I'm accomplished a lot as a gamer.

I convinced myself to flat-out quit that campaign. I don't want the drama. As experienced as I am in many venues, as writer and game designer, I shouldn't have to be tested in my knowledge of rules with a product I pay money for. I wasn't play testing, or asking for feedback. I didn't handle the first question too well either, mostly based on timing with real world obligations.

To have a similar question slide in, made me catch myself in mid-response. I didn't really make a compromise or concession the first time. The thread I made my posting on the response didn't get saved. I have faith in produced material I paid for, no matter how poorly edited or fragile a game proves to be. Including books that I've picked up in trade, and on secondary markets. Out of print material is always fun to read also.

Plainly, when it comes to a game I host, I did need to be upfront and firm with response. I didn't invite anybody to disrupt the gaming atmosphere. I've learned from this lesson, and encourage other gamers to value their game environment too. If a player needs to discuss, rant, rave, or complain about existing rules for any game, then go find to the right forum to write on. Do not create a place for the soapbox someplace it is not welcome.

That's my available time today. Thank you for coming by. Stay Safe, and Happy Gaming!
Jesse "James" Rexroad


What a weekend my fellow Gamers,

I've dropped myself out of the Wednesday Gaming Group. I hosted as GM, and busted my gut to make it work. Rule questions may appear fair, but if my answers are not acceptable, then you have no business playing in my game. As GM there is expectation, and I believe my philosophy did manage it well.

I drew a clear line, and I heard reasonable acceptance. As a GM, I accept my role in what should be a game. When that game gets hijacked, and then turned into a soapbox, then it becomes personal. I've got enough drama out here in the real world. I have better things to do with my valuable time.

Veteran Players must understand, a lot can be said to their actions. It does not matter the venue or the subject. I do not want to babysit unbelievable behavior week after week. It is my hobby too, and I do not accept any amount of criticism for a game I electively spend money on.

Waste my time? Why? Don't drag me through somebody else's argument because you are unsatisfied with the game you are playing. You are always welcome to just leave, and then find another group that plays your way.

Right now, I can't forget nor forgive. I shouldn't have had to express myself in this negative way. If there are other players who feel like I do, with their own gaming group, I encourage you to take back your hobby time.

Are you going to turn my game into an unwelcome freak show, rant about rules you don't like, and make the rest of us miserable? Tell those unruly players that they will not find what they are looking for.

Otherwise... Are you here to play a fun game? Great, pull up a seat because you are in the right place.

Thank you for coming by. Stay Tuned, Stay Safe, and Happy Gaming!
Jesse "James" Rexroad


Good Morning Gamers,

Welcome back to the same ol' website. Made some minor changes. I believe they are not too radical. I haven't made any updates in a long time because of other projects, obligations, interests, and distractions. I won't bore anybody with those details. In the meantime, I will continue to update the pages around here.

Thank you for coming by. Enjoy the time spent here. Stay Safe, and Happy Gaming!
Jesse "James" Rexroad