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From the Home Office

Good Afternoon Readers, Gamers, and Card Players.

Well shucks. Maybe I have done most of it all wrong here at this site. I know today for certain, that I will be making some minor changes as time permits. The day job is great. The professional job needs more legwork. To top it off, I need to pick up a part-time job to help on a few bills. Things here at the home office are from bad, just need improvement. Anybody have some ideas to share?

Anyhoot, since the holiday season typically starts in July for most companies, it may be a great opportunity to grab a job opening. It won't hurt my other job because it is still fairly new. I'am giving it as much attention allowed. The hardest and most enjoyable part of the job is legwork. Which I have been doing by going to conventions, and introducing the product to new people.

This year, I wasn't totally expecting to work at that level since the company is new. Next year, will be a whole new ball-game because we do have product available at for Rescue Dogs. More legwork will be expected because it will help to make a difference. In the meantime, I will be checking in at and and seeing what part-time work is out there.

Well, I've got more to talk about, but the home chores are calling my name. Stay Safe folks, and Happy Gaming!
Jesse "James" Rexroad
03 September 2013

By the way, to catch up on missing updates, trot on over to Token Horseman Entertainment to see what has been happening. Believe me, I understand the phrase "So much to do, and so little time."

From the Home Office. . .

I've been out on vacation.

Welcome back readers,

Thank you for coming by. Have you heard? I've gone to work at Token Horseman Entertainment. I am pretty excited about it. There is nothing to really report yet, but that will change soon. I am happy to finally share this bit of new news. All my other projects taken a nose dive into the circular file. A large part as to why I haven't been posting lately. That might change too. Stay Tuned.

Stay Safe, and Happy Gaming!
Jesse James Rexroad
19 June 2013

From the Home Office...

Good Afternoon Readers,

I am alive and well. The work front has radically changed. The family is doing great. Other than that, not much to report. I can go on for days with the gossip, but it is a bit stale. Especially since I have lagged for a month or more. I am working out more entries to share, as soon as I get the subjects figured out a bit better than they are.

On the gaming front, I've been invited to a few online events, and I have hosted a couple games online. It has been quite fun. Some of the places I have visited from the home office were Mechwarrior Online, World of Tanks, and Roll20. Each have offered a great experience. I haven't logged on in a couple weeks.

Overall, World of Tanks has offered the best adventure so far. Maybe not so much them specifically, but they did help. The real credit goes to my Tanker Brothers at USABOT: United States Army Brotherhood of Tankers. They might not all participate at the game site, but a lot of my buddies can easily be found there.

Time permitting, I might get back to all of the sites. I am only one person, and I have real world responsibilities. I have to manage my availability. Otherwise, I can get into a serious trouble. This blogger doesn't care for that.

That's all I can get in for now. Dinner is waiting for me to make it. In the meantime...

Stay Safe, and Happy Gaming!
29 MAy 2013

The Daily Twerp @bout the Winds of Change . . . part 5

Good Morning Readers and Gamers,

Today, I am believing the Digital Sphere of writing, games, game design, and the component development for them, has a harder shell to break through. I am not completely new to it. I have an understanding (be it casual and limited) for the gaming industry. I keep a shallow approach towards it, because I don't want to dive deep into its elements. Simply, because I don't want to fall into debt or legal traps.

As a gamer, it is very easy to float between all of the available products out there. However, to engineer new product is a different story. As a game designer, I have an old and passionate approach to illustrating and writing. Not so much in how I do it, but where I come from to create specific material.

In recent past, based on several sources of feedback, I can accept that some of the presented ideas lack sophistication. I always ask for more clarification, because I feel that my style is fine. Somehow, I keep missing the spark in presentation, and I will need to focus on fixing that. I might be an old dog, but I still have plenty of room to learn the new tricks.

In the mean time, I will continue to follow the reading links. I might come around and change my attitude on sharing them. As for the illustrating side, I might actually leave digital game tokens alone for a little while longer. I can't seem to make better use of generic ideas.

Stay Safe, and Have a Great Day!
10 April 2013 

The Daily Twerp @bout The Winds of Change . . . part 4

Good Evening Readers,

What a day. I have done a lot of reading. 4 links I followed were about self-publishing. Mostly all of the material is a subject I can learn about. It helps anyway.

For the last couple three to four years, I've been reading and researching. It is an effort in trying to improve my ability to write. I know, the best thing for it, is to just write. I have been doing that.

I've written for games, some screenplay work, western fiction, web manga development, and social media. Given it has been for myself and family. In the last year, I have expanded my networks. I plan to keep working to grow my horizons.

I am sorry for not sharing here. I'm being a bit selfish. The information is valuable, and I am wanting to cultivate it for myself. It is silly to do, I know.

Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your support. Stay Safe.
04 April 2013

The Daily Twerp @bout The Winds of Change . . .day 3

Good Morning Readers,

I am in such a funky haze. I have no clue what to chatter on about. So, maybe I will just rattle on, and hope something makes sense.

While out on Google+ this morning, I offered an explanation of a word I often use. merh . . .   (zombie speak for morning). Maybe I should write a dictionary for Zombie Speak. It might be small thin book. It might even be smaller than a travel pamphlet. ehh.

I'd have to ponder that for awhile. My brain is feeling a bit dead this morning. Even after a cup of coffee. It was a good cup of joe too. I think it was one of those breakfast blends. uhm. . . maybe a blond roast. It was something from Starbucks that I made myself.

For Christmas, my wife got me a new coffee maker. It is a single shot unit, that does not use K-cups. A Hamilton Beach model. I really do like it. I sort go thru different blends. This last bag I got was a Dark Roast, however, it is whole beans. That bummed me out, the fact is, I did not read the label. I am not fond of the grinder I have.

Maybe I should think of having something for breakfast. I'm not real hungry. hrmmmnn. . . protien. Yeah, some Huevo Rancheros might do the trick.

Anyhoo, I'd best be off. Off to see the Wizard or something.

Stay Safe, and have a Happy Day!
03 April 2013

The Daily Twerp @bout The Winds of Change . . .part 2

Good Afternoon Readers,

I am back again today. The work front is changing. I plan to do more writing and illustrating this year. My wife has a plan, and I'm going to do my best to support it. Maybe I can share more details later this week.

In the meantime, I am making the rounds online while I do laundry. We finally got a new washer and dryer. The inherited pair we got, when we bought the house, died. Well the washer did, when it it spun off its water sealed boot below the wash bin. What a mess it caused.

The dryer died of a broken heart. It was old anyway, but since the washer died, we didn't have any reason to really use the dryer. We had it disconnected for a little while. When we hooked it back up to do a little fluffing work, it just screamed and screeched at us. We quickly disconnected it again.

Now they are both gone. Replaced by the Kenmores. I've been listening to the washer work the last hour. It is such a mumbling chatterbox. I am just gonna have to get used to its work habits.

Well, I'm off to other regions of the internet. I might stop by Eredan to play a round or two of the internet collectible card game. Then I might drop back by Facebook and Google+, Maybe I will see you there.

Stay Safe, and Have a Great Day!
02 April 2013 

The Daily Twerp @bout Winds of Change

Good Morning Readers,

Welcome back to the ol' Landing Page. Not much new news or gossip today. I think that is good enough for the short haul. In the long run, I have changes coming within the new season. A serious matter, but nothing too radical. Pending on its turnout, I might have something more to dish out later.

It is, however, April 1st and that means pranks are going to found at an all time high. I have no jokes to offer. I've been trying to manage on a professional level today, so I am NOT looking forward to any shenanigans directed my way.

All I can really do is hope you fine clever folk have a Safe Day. Maybe some good quality fun, but mostly a safe and happy day.

Thank You, Stay Tuned, and Happy Gaming!
01 April 2013

The Daily Twerp @bout

Good Evening Gamers,

I have been wanting to blog on this new subject for several weeks now. Sorry for not tackling it earlier. is a pretty awesome environment for online virtual table-top role play. I have been actively messing around there, and learning about its capabilities. So far, so good.

I doubt I can share very much about it tonight. Over time, I do plan to followup with reasonable detail. In the meantime, feel free to follow the link. Check it out. Maybe we will find each other over the gaming table.

I have one Shadowrun campaign I am running as a GM. I haven't committed to anything as a player, yet. I should, so I can learn about the site from a different perspective. In general, Roll20 is adapatable to many different role play game types and playable dice mechanics.

The Jukebox is an unbelievable hook to making a good game very impressionable. There are a lot of options available, but I do wish I could find a good way to make unique selections. I may need to keep exploring the effective uses of this tool.

Anyhoot, I best scoot. Stay Safe, and Happy Gaming!
Jesse "James" Rexroad
02 March 2013

The Jade Mask of the Intimidating Tracker

The Daily Twerp is a Whovian. . .

The Daily Twerp @bout a Fortune Cookie

The Daily Twerp @bout The Sea Witch

Good Evening Gamers,
Saturdays is always about Family Game NIght. At least it should be. For us around this house, it certainly is. One of the more popular choices is Battleship. We got the version based on the recent movie release. The Special Ops alternate game requires the use of a card deck that is included.
They will set the pace, and fire orders. It makes the game different each time. You don't have to just hide your ships, and carry on with the old "hit or miss" routine. The Com Tower combination can make boats sink with only one hit. A Salvo card can give a player one shot from each of her boats. There are many more cards to discover.
It will make for an entertaining game. IN MY CASE... it makes the game harder to win against my wife. I think at this point, the only way I could posibly win, is to now cheat. After saying this, it will also place all my future wins into question. All I can do is bow down to my wife while chanting her well earned title as the house champion: Sea Witch.
Stay Safe, and Happy Gaming!
Jesse James Rexroad
19 January 2013

Little Beetle & 'Nene Italiakyo

new art @ the GZ

whuat??? ...daily twerp?


The Daily Jeeper. . . er, I mean Twerp @bout Thanksgiving Week

Good Afternoon Readers,
 Late again. . . HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Anyhoo, work kept me busy. I did get 34 hours at home, and luckily I got to spend it with my wife and son. Then, I was off to work again Thursday night. Unfortunately, that part of the day job is in the territory of the work I do. I have to be available to drive grocereis to the stores so you fine folk can buy it and stock your shelves.
I will get back to my projects. The heavy work season will thin out.
 On another front, I did submit a short story to a contest. I look forward to the results. Win, lose, or draw. It will be nice to learn about how well my writing style will do. I did hesitate a little. I kept falling back into a mind set that I didn't really have anything to fit within the guidelines. I overcame whatever fear was causing that, because I have quite a selection of stories to choose from.
I will keep you posted on how that ordeal turns out.
 For now, back to the asphalt. Stay Safe, and Happy Gaming.
25 November 2012 

The Daily . . . whuat? @bout . . . whatever, man.

Good Evening Longtime Readers,
 I am back for an overdue installment on the ol' bloggin' page. I am way so overdue. It is going to be Thanksgiving Day soon. Real soon. Like ...uhh, I don't know where to begin. It has been months. Dang near a dog's age.
 Anyhoo, I have been on vacation for a couple weeks. The family and I did some travelling to see friends and family. It was fun to make tracks upto Iowa and Nebraska. We did the reunion sort of things, and played tourists at a couple places on the way back home .
 Afterwards, I started a new position with the day job. A few hiccups during the transition. Mostly, I am comfortable with the changes. Not completely, and I am still working things out. The holidays have the Dedicated Fleet, that I am working in, rather busy.
 It is having a huge impact on my available time. When I don't have it, then I can't make updates here. Maybe in the new year, I will be able to spend a little more time on the ol' website. Hopefully I will be back into a routine that allows me tap out some more chatter. Get back into rants and raves about entertainment. Remember the good ol' days when I shared perks and quirks over games, audiobooks, and movies?
 Well, bye for now. Stay tuned, I should have some news to share soon. Stay Safe, and Happy Gaming.
20 November 2012  

The Daily Twerp @bout Graphicaudio Audiobooks

Good Evening Readers,
 I just seen a newsletter in the email inbox New titles are around the corner. I am looking forward to a few of them. I am caught up again on Deathlands. Rotties were a fun change, but way overdue. The timing is slightly unbelievable. It's like an apocalypse in the post apocalypse.
 Anyhoo, I started the Nuclear Bombshell series. Too early to tell.
 The Great American Westerns were, well.. great! I'd like to see more of those types of audiobooks by Graphicaudio. In fact, I'd like to see more short story collections other than Western Fiction.
 My real desire (I see this is as potential possibility) is for Graphicaudio to produce even more titles. My suggestion is Star Trek novels, and Doctor Who novels. I did give them my feedback in one of their surveys. In the photo "A Bunk Full of Audio" you can see the backside of the Doctor Who audiobook from BBC. It was good. It can be better in a Graphicaudio format.
 I do have a serious gripe about that Doctor Who audiobook. It only has two 1 hour stories. At $20, I find it a little unforgiveable. I did buy it anyway. Back to point, there are many Doctor Who novels that are out there. I'd like to hear a full 6 cd Graphicaudio version. Heck, why not an updated version of the 1st Doctor? I'd think it would be awsome.
 Digest that for a short while, and then help me convince others and Graphicaudio.
27 September 2012

The Daily Twerp @bout the Great Maze

...somewhere in the Thousand Mesas.

The Daily Twerp @bout rexroad33studio

now at...


The Daily Twerp @bout "La Futura"

Good Evening Music Listeners,
 Have you Heard? What an album! ZZ Top is aces! I just picked up thier newly released album yesterday. I think I gave it a third or fourth spin again today. Awsome!
 I believe "I Don't Wanna Lose, Lose, You" is a big winner for me. Go find your own copy. I am keeping mine.
 Stay Safe, and Happy Listening!
14 September 2012

The Daily Twerp @bout Ironwood Kitchen

Good Afternoon Readers,
 I am guilty, for two things in fact. The first, I love this resturaunt! IRONWOOD KITCHEN I just had lunch there about 20 minutes ago. If you are in the area, then you should plan to stop by. If you were in town visiting me, I promise, we would be making a trip. It is a 5 minute walk from my front door.
 What should have happened was for me to be talking about this place for months. Well, I do. I just kept forgetting to do it here. In fact, that is the other thing I am guilty for. I haven't been making regular updates here. I keep looking at the dates, and realize that I spend a lot of time on Facebook.
 I am doing my best. The day job demands my time. If I find a decent job to work locally, I am going to jump on the chance. That way, I might be able to make more than one visit per month to the Ironwood Kitchen. I can't promise that my time here at this website will improve.
 Thank you for coming by. Stay Safe!
13 September 2012




The Daily Twerp

Good Afternoon Gamers,

 I made a decision. This new Mechwarrior game is a uber-fail for me. I am at a point where I can't be professional about the problem anymore. Boils my hide just thinking about it. Breaks my heart, after 20+ years of playing different versions of the game. I wasted too much time on the expectation for this game. It is a nightmare. I won't talk about it anymore in any capacity. It will be a lost cause, and I won't go searching for it.

 Stay Safe, and choose your game wisely.
20 August 2012

The Daily Twerp NOT @ GenCon

Good Evening my Fellow Gamers,

 In fact, I am in Denver because I am recovering from a broken tooth. Yes, that is right. It is not serious anymore. Truth be told, work had originally changed my plans to go this year. I have not attended before, so I was looking forward to the experience. My day job pays the bills, and helps keep a happy home life which comes first. 

 The broken tooth changed my work plans. Health is just as important as a happy home life. Something has to get set back. Since I work in the gaming community in a limited capacity, this is where I had to ease off for a little while. Which is okay. I am keeping tabs. Mostly for myself. I can't add any news. Most everyone I am in touch with is either the cause of it, or is involved with it as much as I am.

 Maybe I will go next year. My son is getting older, and has an interest in the things his daddy likes to do. That is okay, but I am waiting to see what he is interested in more. That will most likely change my focus. My interest level in games have already been changing. For the most part, I will still continue blogging in the same fashion and cover subject I keep an interest over.

 Kickstarter projects are one such example. I brag often about being a Backer. It is one effective way to put my meager finances, and get a little bang for my entertainment buck. I got some good news for one project. My wife said I got a package from 4PM Designs. They made a new Bicycle Playing Card deck. I can't wait to see it. The package sits in my office, waiting for me to go on hometime.

 Only time will tell. Thank you for coming by. Stay Safe and Happy Gaming!
17 August 2012

The Daily Twerp @bout Gaming

Good Morning Gamers!
 All is good on the game front, mostly. One subject is about Mechwarrior: Online. Okay, I must admit the concept is really cool. I am an old junkie for mechs. I have been playing that game since it's first days as Battledroids. I was very okay with the name change to Battletech. The name sounds better anyway. As for its latest version, I have been following the progress. All my friends are buzzing about it on the forum, in private messages, and out on Facebook.
 What I am not happy about, is that I am left out. It seems, to me, that it is very intentional. As a wise game nut, I find that this is not cool at all. I have messaged the support team, and followed links my friends offered. One buddy who is big time into MW:O, seem to know exactly which person specifically I needed to talk with. It would be great if he'd answer my question. I am still out in limbo I guess. What a fuckin' bummer.
 You have to accept my blue language. It is how I feel, and this dumb shit situation has been going for more than a week. Yes, I know these folk are busy trying to get the product running and make it available. It would be nice to have my matter addressed also. I absolutly refuse to believe I am alone, and I know the hangup could be a common oversite. I'll be damned to figure it out, and I hope they can solve it.
 In a simple statement I used to answer my buddy's question, if this really is going to be the status quo with them, then I don't need the bullshit. In fact, my gaming budget will go as additional support for Far West (I have more about that in a little bit) and Shadowrun. At least I am getting far better feedback and response with those folks. They are terrific!
 Now onto Far West. Oh they are so very close to a Grand Opening, as best as I can ever describe it. The RPG is almost ready. Out of all the projects I've been watching and backing on Kickstarter, thay have my greatest attention. Just to confirm the record, I have a lot of earlier posts on this page. Mostly links redirecting to their website and forums.
 Also I have a fan page located under the Project Navigation Heading. If you're interested, check out Sunflower Trail. It is far from complete.  It is geared more as my own campaign setting, and focuses on characters I plan to use within Far West. I am also using my site to support fellow Far West Society Members. If you are interested in that, then check thru the link Into the Far West and become a member today.
 As for Shadowrun, it might be best that I don't get started to heavily about it. If I did, I'd be buzzing for a long while to come. I have been scratching on paper, a couple reboot ideas for characters. A few of these, I have associated to Pacific Crush. In my good ol' days with the game, I associated with 5 different play groups. Looking back on it, the experience was overwhelming, and awsome. I can't wait to jump back in. It will be online! Both Shadowrun: Returns and Shadowrun: Online will be amazing!
 Aces on the Line! Thank you for stopping by. Stay Safe, and Happy Gaming!
04 August 2012




The Daily Twerp @bout Project Navigation

Good Morning Gamers,
 A bit overdue for an update here. It seems I've been everywhere. Both, over the road with the day job and here at the website. It seems I didn't remember what idle time was like. Until today. My truck broke down, and I kinda fizzled on my projects.
 Actually, I forgot one of utility bags on the truck. It contains books I am reading, and my sketchbook. Some useful items that help me maintain focus with what I am wanting to do. Well at least I got an email or two, which gave something to add into a few projects.
 I can't tell you what they were. It would  take the fun out of the exploring part.  As a visitor, feel free to browse around. Simply, I do run in here daily, even though I don't say I did. One day, I might add something onto the Martian Gothik page or I might  add something to Sunflower Trail page. On another occasion, I might deposit a post here.
 Stay Tuned, Stay Safe, and Happy Gaming!
26 July 2012


wicker bird


salvo trace

The Daily Twerp . . .from the road.


Good Morning Folks,
I was not sure if I would have been able to post today. Finally found safe parking here in the early AM. I have been working hard over the roads of the Great Maze. I had to be burning up the miles for the day job. Heading eastbound. Keep those fireworks popping for me. Give me a show thru my office windows. An explosion of lights will be far better than scraping bugs off of these ol' windscreens.
Stay Safe,
04 July 2012


shadow dweller part 2


shadow dweller part 1


 chinese clown

The Daily Twerp @bout Simpler Gaming

Good Morning Gamers,
 Thank you for coming by. I am out on the road for the day job today. Way up in the Northwest. Not much to report about that. Just another day, and several hundred more miles behind me. I do wish to be home instead. Got a lot more miles ahead of me.
 Back to the point of subject. I had a couple small events happen that I am able to add to this thread. I believe all of it to be positive in each aspect. On the personal level, I found these moments to be all good. Even one or two sour moments are something I can turn around to favor this idea.
 I will first kick off with the trial of Gamma World. The nature of the game is about adventure. The premise behind it is about survival. The current version does maintain several paragraphs that are planted through out the book, that all tell about how the game is violent and tries to prepare players for character death. By experience, this is true of a lot of games, not just Gamma World.
 Also by experience, player intent and game manager preparation can command a lot of presecne over game intensity. Play style of the group manages how adventurous a game is. The storytelling can change the appearance of how a game looks and feels. Preparation and understanding is vital for making games run simpler and also for making a game more friendly to a younger audience.
 I ran a kid friendly version game of Gamma World. My son enjoyed it. My wife, not so much. In part of this attempt for seeking out simpler gaming, I also wanted to learn a better way to introduce games to potential new players. I was prepared for all of the possible results. I can certailny understand how some people can find role-play games unappealling. The easy alternative is board games, but I will address that subject later.
 Going back to role-playing for a moment, the levels of violence, horror, surprise, intrigue, politics, action, learning, and whatever else that is a product of a gaming session is fundamentally a fluid concept. It is not totally dictated by the source material of a game setting. It is possible to manage each part seperately, or as a whole. Parents that are closely involved with thier children development have a knack for this.
 Especially if they watch what their children watches on television. I do while I am home. Some of it not so bad. I have a solid idea what my son likes and dislikes. My wife has a lot more say in it, because she is around him more. Her blantent dislike for horror movies is an excellent filter, that I don't mess with. Most of those movies don't affect me, and often I will forget who is in the room when a commercial goes blasting across the TV screen.
 Overall, tailoring is a valuable skill for game managers to have. If a GM can adapt a game early on before a session starts, there is a good chance a campaign might develope for more sessions later. Good storytelling is another good skill to have. Knowing how to make the session appealling helps to further the experience along. GMs have to stay sharp while using many elelments consistently. Don't become dull, and try to remember about keeping it simple.
Stay Safe, and Happy Gaming!
02 July 2012

Good Morning Readers,
 Thank you for coming by. The day job has been interesting. I am glad to be on a short break. I am at home. I needed a break from the roads. Besides, I got to stock up on the essentials, and take time to see all of my doctors. I have to make sure I am staying on the right track with my health. Being able to hangout with my wife and son always helps.
 Now on to the topic. I am a fan of simpler gaming, but that is never a simple ordeal to ask for. What I learned over the many years of playing is that it takes a lot more work to accomplish that. Especially if you are trying to introduce a new set of mechanics. For a hardcore gamer like me, keeping the many rules seperate from each other is the greatest challenge.
 This morning, I am more flexible with the use of the mainstream d20 mechanics. Unlike 20 years ago when I absolutly did everthing else to avoid using it. Mostly because it meant I had to be playing D&D, which I did not like at all. I have played it, but still avoid it. I wasn't exactly into that game's version of fantasy.
 Now that my son is getting older, I think about how I can get my old games on a more kid friendly level. Too many rules kill any venture of the concept. One of the things I used to do with my regular play groups was to experiment. What I did learn from that can certainly help rekindle the simpler ideas. If my kind of games can interest my son and his friends, then I am going to look forward to producing something.
 I will add more to this subject in the next month. I am starting to explode with material, that I am going to match with a few key points. I keep wandering to some of the Out-of-Print games that I really liked for reasons that are beginning to fit with this subject. I am certain that I will like where or in how this might unfold.
Stay tuned, and stay safe.
12 June 2012


 off the rails

The Daily Twerp @bout Home Time

Happy Memorial Day!

I am happy to be home. Never forget what today is about. Thank you for coming by. Stay Tuned and Stay Safe.
28 May 2012


kung fu cactus

The Daily Twerp @bout Kickstarter

Good Afternoon Readers,
 A few updates, while I am moving about here at the site. Kickstarter keeps getting new stuff started almost daily. I have a few favorites I am following. I thorw in as much support as I can.
 I'd like to start with Sam Billen. PLACES Is the title for his first full length album in 3 years. He is no stranger to the scene. I first heard of him thru Far West with 5 tracks he made for that project. FAR WEST You can hear samples of it at the web store.
 Moving along. Rick Hershey has two projects running. STEAMPUNK MUSHA It is funded and moving up the bonuses with each new milestone, and stretch goal. His second project FACES of the DEAD is catching more support each day. It can use your help.
 I have some others I am checking out. SHADOWRUN RETURNS This one was fun to follow. It is closed now. I got in under the wire. The broke 36k backers and made almost $1.9 million. This one better be darn good for that kind of money. You can find me as Tattoo Weaver at the main site online. SR:U
 Well that is all I have for now. Caught a virus which is kicking my butt hard. I run out of steam pretty quick, so I best go get some rest. Thank you for coming by. Stay tuned, and stay safe.
17 May 2012


asleep in the desert

The Daily Twerp @bout Updates

Good Morning Readers,
 I am back at the home office today. I have been putting in some good hours at the day job, while at the same time staying close to home. It gave me a chance to go see my son's promotion ceremony in his Karate class. It was his first milestone. I am looking forward to seeing him stick with it.
 On the Kickstart front, all of projects I am supporting are moving along. I have a new one to share. I'd like to see it get backed. Follow this link and check it out please. Faces of the Dead: A Zombie Portrait Book A great project for Zombie Fans. Rick Hershey has an awesome project, and he could really use your support. I have already pitched in as best I can.
 As for Kickstarter, I have gotten underway with learning more about it. I have many ideas that I would love to work on. I plan to start small, then maybe grow from the experience. I think this morning that I am okay that I had not come out with anything before now. Mostly because of the new options and tools which I find to be most useful.
 I have a long way to go. I need to find a balance in my chosen fields of work. I like my day job a lot. I have been with the comapany for almost 8 years. My anniversary with them is coming up quickly. My easiest choice is to settle on driving. Family is my largest priority, and my day job supports that objective.
 I am an old hand when it comes to the games and the industry that makes them. I might not be well known by the developers and creators, which is absolutely okay with me. I know I am a valuable resource and asset. They might not want to accept that, but I love them for what they do anyway. Show me a game that it will be a good and entertaining game, then I will support it as best I can.
 There hundreds of games out there in the market. One more won't hurt. Heck, last night, my son got me to relearn the Pokemon Card Game so I can teach him. No really. Don't laugh. I used to the sell the game to other parents. That might have been 12 years ago. I am a parent now. Pokemon is a long stretch better than Magic Card Game in some areas. Content for age level is the first thing that comes to mind.
 Don't get me wrong, too much. I like Magic too. Between the two games, I am a lot less frustrated when it comes to teaching my son how to play and enjoy games. I am putting some effort into this endeavor with him. I think kids can really love a game if they know how to play it right. Teach them early, and teach them while they are young.
Thank you for letting me to ramble on awhile and rattle your eyes. Stay tuned, and stay safe.
12 May 2012

The Daily Twerp @bout Kickstarter

Good Afternoon Gang,
 Pretty easy day today. I am catching up on the "honey-do" list, though I haven't been able to see a hardcopy of it. I kind need to keep things mellow anyway. I am at the home-office and going thru a medical lockdown. It is the next hurddle of my cancer ordeal. During a 72 hour period, I have to let this single radiated iodine pill do its job. I was informed and directed by the issuing hospital, about how I will be at an unsafe level with this radiation. It is what it is, and I am doing my part. My family gets me back on Sunday... after my birthday.
 Anyhoo, to the real point of business. My friend Rick Hershey (professional illustrator, Art Director for Adamant Entertainment's Far West, Art Director for Fat Goblin Games, owner of Empty Room Studios) has asked me to share the word on a current Kickstarter promotion. Please, go check it out. STEAMPUNK MUSHA @ KICKSTARTER Don't get left out. I'd hate to be that one guy he knows to let him down. So here I am, sharing a link that takes you over to it. I like what I am seeing, and plan to rave on about it like I did with the Far West project.
 Thanks for coming by to check in on me. Stay tuned and stay safe.
27 April 2012

The Daily Twerp @bout Writing

Good Morning Gang,
 Thank you for stopping by. To kick off this entry, I need to state that the Deathlands auction is over. The hugh 102 book lot didn't sell. It was an "all or nothing" event. Had 34 people check it out, but no takers. Ehh, what a shame. No loss. I doubt I would ever listen to the audiobooks again. I guess they will collect more dust. However it is a nice set to have. Bragging rights, you know. Soon I will be adding Book 102, to make it a 103 set. Book 0: Encounter was a change of pace and is a must have.
 Anyhoo, moving on. I have been doing my own writing. I haven't found my groove yet, but I keep slinging words out onto the page. Overall, they have been entertaining to my wife. She wants more, so I guess I will keep giving what she wants. In the last few months, I have been introduced to a type of short story called a vignette.  One of the things my wife complains on it, is that there is not enough with them. They are short stories, so it is hard to disagree.  
 The website at the link has been very interesting to follow. It has a fantasy setting that has inspired me. I will keep hacking at the keyboard about it. I have some complete material that is related to Far West, and plan to keep adding to it. I have faith in that I will figure it out somehow. Getting the right tone and flavor of it, that is. Over in the project navigation is a link to my fan page of the Far West. Click on Three Sisters and give it a peek.
 Well folks, I am getting tired and should shuffle off to bed. Stay tuned, and Stay Safe.
19 April 2012

The Daily Twerp @bout DEATHLANDS

Good Afternoon,
 I finally updated my fanpage. DEATHLANDS I have been attacked by mutants and fallen behind. Luckily, I can navigate the Great Maze better than a pack of Stickies. So I think I am safe for a little while.
 Anyhoo, the update was needed. I have my current set boxed up and ready to ship. I have a huge 102 lot set out on EBAY right now. It is listed with a fair starting price. It a worthy collection. I don't need to sell it, but the offer is out there.
 I imagine that if dosn't get picked up, then the price would go up the next time I do list. By that time, the set would have grown. 103 books total, maybe 104. Graphic Audio is currently showing 105 books in the series. I will listen to them all eventually.
 I am a fan. I was terribly blown away by Book 100: Prodigal's Return. I was ready to quit the series on the spot. Talk about a shocker. Yes, I did rate it 1%5 because of the Fatal Surprise. It is still a well written book of its type. Even after 3 months since listening to it, I have accepted the reality of setting. Afterall, it is Deathlands.
 Stay Safe, and thank you for stopping by. OH MY??? Happy Tax Day too.
Jesse "James" Rexroad
15 April 2012

The Monthly Twerp @ Home

 I know that I haven't been around for a little while. However on the positive side of that... I have been creatively busy. Aside from working at the day job. That has been an interesting ordeal too. Sooo, I am very happy to be home. It is only for a couple days, but soooooo happy to be home.
 No serious agenda, complaints, or news with this entry. As soon as I figure out what I should talk about, I will be right back.
 Stay Safe,
05 April 2012

The Daily Twerp @bout Cancer

Good Morning Readers,
 It is no surprise. I have already admited that I had my bout with Cancer. By no means is the matter resolved. I still have some hurdles to overcome. Thyroid Cancer has to be managed differently than other cancers. I am thankful that things for me are improving. I do hope it hasn't moved elsewhere is my body.
 One small objective I had today was to bring up the subject. I understand that Cancer affects a lot of people. It runs rampant everywhere in several different forms. I believe a lot of more people need to become involved. I believe healthy people have just as much stake in this fight. I can't offer any one reason why. I believe it is more than just a social cause. 
 I have accepted what happens to me in regard with cancer. At my age, I have done and seen a lot. I have more to do, and I have a family to care for. I have no desire to give up. What does hurt me, is learning about how cancer impacts children. It is drasticly different for them. Both afflicted and healthy children have different perspective than I do.
 I recently learned that a friend of mine has been hit hard by cancerin her family. She is a mother with twins. When her children reached the age of 1, the diagnosis of cancer was determined in one of them. At first I didn't realize her children were twins. My wife pointed that out. The two girls look different than each other in height, weight, and appearance. All because of cancer.
 I know I can't do more than what I am already doing. I have been donating to the Children's Network long before my son was born. I have many friends who have children. I think I started making donations when my Nephew was born. I don't really remember what encouraged me to do this. I just do. I am thankful my son doesn't need special care, but I understand what a parent will need to carry through.
 Please, get involved or show your support. Thank you and stay safe.
13 March 2012

The Daily Twerp @bout Over The Road

Good Morning Readers,
 Ooohg, so happy to be at the Home Office today. I feel a lot less stress, and I can breath a little better. My truck assignment during this last rotation was a smoke bomb on wheels. It also seems I got nothing else accomplished during my down time. Well, it seemed like it.
 I don't feel I drove as well as I could either. Spent most of my time out on the West Coast. I even made my way up to the high northwest. Spent a night in Bellingham, WA which is around 20 miles from the Canadian Boarder. My wife sounded a little jealous about that, because she does have a picture painted in her mind of what it should look like.
 I couldn't take the best of pictures for her. It mostly rained. I did see some snow up there. Especially when I made it over to Snoqualmie Pass. It could have been worse. I could have been stuck in a grungy parking lot of a Truck Stop or Company Terminal. I trend on the Fair Weather side of Driving. You won't see me in the drench of bad weather road conditions.
 Anyhoo, that is enough talk about the day job. I am home for at least a week. Appointments and a Honey-Do list are waiting. Thank you for coming by. Stay Tuned and Stay Safe.
Jesse "James" Rexroad
07 March (really? already?) 2012

The Daily Twerp @bout... whatever.

Good Evening Gang,
 It seems nobody liked my bionic eye. My wife told me that "it" was creepy. Whut? This is Game-Zombie. Everything here has its quirkyness. Well, as you can see ...right, it has been swapped out with another graphic image. I am working on a side project, in addition to everything else I have set out to accomplish.
 True. I haven't been talking about what has been happening lately. So here I am with another blog installment. About, nothing at all really. Just kidding. Well, no actually. I don't have anything to report.
 I am reading a new book. It is pretty good. Tales of the Far West is a collection of short stories. You oughtta goto the Far West website for more details. Maybe even buy a copy for yourself or a friend. Seriously. Why miss out? Go here --->
 On the home front, I have been illustrating. It is nice to be skratching at paper again. I missed doing that. If you want to get a peek at some of the material, then hit up the Three-Sisters project page. It should prove to be a little entertaining. Trust me, it beats listening to me practicing on my new electric guitar. I haven't touch a real one in over two years.
 Thank you for stopping by. Stay Safe.
16 Februray 2012

The Daily Twerp @bout... updating?

Good Morning Gang,
 I think that is right. Yeah, Updating. That's the ticket. Anyhoo, as you can see at the sidebar... over at the... right? Yeah, there it is. I have made some additions. Community Navigation is new, and there is room to include more.
 The first link is for the Far West website. I have been talking about this for six month. Check it out. The second link is for a unique movie entertainment website. Do you remember the Choose-Your-Own Adventure Books? As the viewer, you interact with the movie by making choices.
 I believe you will enjoy both sites. I will help you with a choice at the movie site... New Mexico. That answer will make sense while you are there at that site. I can't really give a great summary about what is of. The best details are provided by them. You might spot me. I had a small role in the movie. It was fun to make.
 I hope you enjoy. Thank you for coming by. Stay tuned, stay safe, and Happy Gaming!
Jesse "James" Rexroad

The Daily Twerp @bout Facebook

Good Evening Gang,
 I am camped out on the truck tonight. Heading off to bed soon. Travelling up to Billings, Montana with a light load tomorrow. Had a little time for a quick update while I sit out here by the Great Salt Lake. I have been messing around with some games on Facebook, and listening to some music on the Rhapsody App.
 I decided on a whim to share my top five games listed on my Facebook links:
  • 5) Zynga Poker
    • 4) Car Town
      • 3) Mafia Warfare
        • 2) Wasteland Empires
          • 1) CLASH: Rise of Heroes
 Well, not the most spectacular, but they are fun and distracting. Thank you for checking in, and Stay Safe.
17 January 2012

The Daily Twerp @bout Being on the Road

Good Afternoon Visitors,
 I have little to report today. I am keeping busy through my downtime. I am in Phoenix, AZ today. I am on the truck again, but moving nowhere. I have a load planned for this evening. I am not a fan of driving overnight. Most of the miles will be driven tomorrow.
 In the meantime, I have been out to Facebook and a new forum at the Far West website. It's absolutely grand. Have you seen what they are working on? Please, go check it out. You might like it more than me.  I am currently listening to some music that is posted in an ongoing thread.
 Not only have I been writing here, I have been composing a new project page. Three-Sisters-of-the-Far-West  This fan-page is inspired by Far West. As a Far West Society Member, I am wanting to get more involved. As a gamer, illustrator, and writer I have some ideas rattling around in my eight pound universe. I will post them here. From this page, I can then pitch and share these ideas at the Far West Forum.
 The other Far West Society Members and Core Developers will be voting on material presented by all Society members. I know I am not alone. I am seeing some great ideas from other members. It is looking like a great community so far. They opened thier door to the forum back on Monday, January 9th, 2012. If you are interested, then go follow the link. Check it out.
Thank you for coming by. Stay tuned, and stay safe.
Jesse James Rexroad
13 January 2012

The Daily Twerp @bout A New Year



01 JANUARY 2012

The Daily Twerp @bout Being Home

Good Morning Readers,
 Uhg, surgery recovery sucked over Christmas. Yes, I am very thankful to be alive, well, and home with my wife and son. I have/had thyroid cancer. I am not completely through all the hurdles. The doctor said yesterday that I am done with the most important part.
 So I am home. Thinking about all of the things I still need to get caught up on, and how I will be getting back to work, and making my next few doctor appointments next week, and... well it is not like I am serious problems or anything. I have to get organized. At least my son peeks his head around the corner every once awhile. Just to check up on me.
 In the meantime, I have been putting up some of my audiobooks on Ebay. Not much else to report right now. I guess I wanted to jibber-jabber for a short moment. Now that I have that accomplished, I am off to check on my son. It got quiet. Really quiet.
 Stay safe, and thank you for checking in.
30 December 2011 

The Daily Twerp @bout Being Home

Good Evening Readers (gamers),
 I have been home almost a full week now.  I am on holiday for the Holidays. I don't have a lot of things happening. I have to stay focused on health, and being home with my family is making a huge difference. The stress is much lower. While at home, I have been able spend quality time with my wife and son.
 In the meantime, I have been able to work on a boardgame that I'd like to produce. Tonigh was a great opportunity to get some quality face time with a friend who also likes games. He voiced some ideas, and he listened to my ideas. It sounds like we are on the same coin. Maybe not quite the same side, but definitely same coin.
 I have been putting in a good amount of research time on the games I like. I don't want to engineer the same type of game already being produced. Especially any type of game I like to play. I am getting into the details of many games that are no longer in print. Trying to find answers to what I like of them, and maybe discover where or why they failed.
 Superstition Streets as a boardgame (maybe cardgame) is detailed to the level of being super complex. One of my objectives during the development process is to streamline the complexity. I hope to make the complexity appealing. The other related objectives involved with this mess is within the areas of randomness, and flexibility. I want players to enjoy thier game knowing it won't be the same exact experience everytime they play.
 It is a hard process. Thank you Sean for being a sounding board. It definitely helps in the long run. I can respect the work and effort all game designers endure. Thanks for coming by. Stay tuned, and stay safe.
Jesse "James" Rexroad
15 December 2011

The Daily Twerp @ Thanksgiving

Good Morning Readers,
 I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I hope the time found you well. For me? Bahh-Humbug. I am still sitting in El Paso. I have been here since Wednesday. My hometime was put in shambles because of people I needed to see while I was home. Some appointments are important, but the timing couldn't be helped.
 Anyhoo, maybe I will be on time for Christmas. Well, Thank you for stopping by. I have been thinking of you folks out there. Stay Safe.

The Daily Twerp @ SHADOWRUN

 I have been browsing the internet. I have Googled a couple sites for Shadowrun music playlists. Maybe I missed one or two sites. For the few I did see, ARE YOU CRAZY? NO QUEENSRYCHE? If you play Shadowrun, you can't call yourself a fan if you don't understand the significance this band has to Shadowrun. Even on the international level that this game has grown to, Queensryche is still important.
 I havent been paying to all of the illustrations in the new editions. However in the older game modules and sourcebooks, a reader could catch a glimpse of the queen's dagger. Honestly, I don't remember what it is called this morning. The point is, Queensryche like some other bands have left a huge mark in Shadowrun.
 Take a look at a few of thier older albums. Best yet, just listen to them. RAGE FOR ORDER (1989), OPERATION MINDCRIME (1988... whoa, I didn't know that), and EMPIRE (1990). Other albums can hold some influence too, like THE WARNING (1988) and PROMISED LAND (2007). These are just a few. This concludes my rant.

 Now onto the real subject at hand, a Shadowrun Sourcetrack. A gaming playlist and potential screenplay motivator. For me, I have been a long time fan of Shadowrun. I had participated in six different role play groups. I had a lot of fun. I even jumped in on a live action event at NUKECON a couple years ago. Great times.
 I collected a lot of sketches, and books, and fond memories. I have been expanding my own music playlist. This morning I had compared notes with many other Shadowrun fans. Here is my incomplete list: PACIFIC CRUSH
  • Bright Lights Bigger City -- Cee Lo Green
  • People Are Strange -- Johnny Hollow (cover/remix)
  • Walk In The Shadows -- Queensryche
  • Policy Of Truth -- Depeche Mode
  • Welcome To The Machine -- Queensryche (cover/remix)
  • Set Fire To The Rain -- Adele
  • Call Me -- In This Moment (cover/remix)
  • Sun Doesn't Rise -- Mushroomhead
  • Heads Will Roll -- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  • What? -- Rob Zombie
  • Crazy -- Mushroomhead (cover/remix)
  • Get Paid -- Emphatic
  • Only Happy When It Rains -- Garbage
Keep in mind, this playlist s tailored to a story I am writing. I have a few more that are not included here. I hope you like it. Thank you for coming by. Stay Safe, and stick to the shadows.

The Daily Twerp @ FARWEST

Good Afternoon Gamers,
 Have you stopped by the ranch at by any chance? I know it is still early, but git on over there and show your support? A couple of weeks ago, I had a chance to participate on a live chat through Twitter. What an eye opening experience. I was probably too tired to really get it. I was sitting over in Phoenix at the truck terminal where I work for my day job. I welcomed the oppotunity.
 I wasn't prepared to really understand all of the insight being shared. There is a transcript of the conversation available at the FARWEST website. Luckily it is edited for context, and ease of following the participants. While the question were getting posted, many answers surprised me. Especially about location and content. I started this adventure with them at and I developed my own notions about Spaghetti Westerns mashed up Wuxia storytelling.
 From the start, I wanted to be me more involved with the development process and production. In respect, I am only the student learning from these old hands. I welcome the few opportunities to observe, interact, and report. In reality, the day job is a difficult matter to wrangle any free time from. In the least, I can share pespective.
 I didn't really get a clear answer from Rick Hershey about illustration usage. However, I have one sneek peek. As a Kickstarter Backer, I got the portait piece done that is shown in the sidebar. My wife absolutly loves it. I can't wait to see the product line as a whole. I also want to see the how all the Backer illustrations turned out.
 Please check them out, and show them your love. They deserve it. They are working hard. For me, it might be tricky work, but I hope to keep crossing paths with these fine folks. Thank you for stopping by. Stay Safe.

The Daily Twerp @ Hell On Wheels

Good Afternoon Readers,
 This blog entry comes in raw. I haven't really pieced together any line of written thinking over it. I didn't really do any research, or get a chance to read the reviews from anybody else. HELL on WHEELS is a great show.
 Oh yeah. I am so much the fan of this new series. I wasn't exactly prepared for it. I just finished watching episode103 on XFINITY on DEMAND. Now I am ready to watch episode 104.  I was hooked by the fine print on episode 101. I should explain that I am a native Nebraskan. I might remember the Union Pacific history a little differently, but it won't stop me from watching this fine show.
 It looks like I will be adding the box set on my wishlist for next year. As for the the Game-Zombie rating, I'd have to leave it at a 4%5 skulls. There may be no room for improvement, but it is early. I have only seen what is available to me on the Comcast service.
Thank you for coming by. Stay Safe.
thank you for the sticker

The Daily Twerp @ Deathlands

The 101st Audiobook is coming and I am getting excited about it!



 America, defiled and reshaped by nuclear carnage, promises little but a struggle for survival. Still, a group of hard travelers trek the worst this hellish place can offer, surviving by their wits, razor skill and knowledge of preDark technology. Their leader, Ryan Cawdor, is a Deathlands legend, a warrior and hero to many, a relentless enemy to more. And he understands the only way forward is the future, even when the past has a will of its own...

 Searching for an operational redoubt, Ryan and his companions go up against a ruthless band of coldhearts. The shock of seeing Ryan's long-lost son as the band's point man puts the group on a new mission—rescue Dean at all cost. But when Dean shoots and wounds his father in a firefight, the strange turn of events leads the travelers deeper into the shifting sands of their own destiny. And father and son, each committed to the laws of decency and fair play, will confront an uncertain legacy. 

 My personal collection consits of book 0 thru 98. I am looking for 99 and 100. Check out my Christmas Wishlist in the sidebar. Also check out these links.
 Thank you for stopping by. Stay Safe, and listen to an audiobook.

The Daily Twerp @ Home Owning

Good Morning Readers,
 I got compelled by another subject to write about. I should have posted this over a monthe ago. The wife, the son, and I have past our first year anniversary with the house we are living in. I have nothing to compare the experience with. I believe it has been a "better than typical" first year.
 It is a great house. It is not plain, nor is it fancy. It definitely has some quirks. Like other homes, I believe this may be expected. Then again, I live on an assigned commercial truck about 300 or so days of the year. I do like my home, and I try to visit often. I know my wife loves it. She keeps it warm, inviting, and tidy.
 Yes, I can admit we have our issues with it. Home owning that is. Nothing too difficult to struggle through. I think that when it comes to real estate, everyone has a challenge or two from it.  I have read some of his books. Donald Trump is no pygmie living in a mud hut. If he can his fair share of problems, difficulties, and waylays, then I know.
 As for the exact detail, please don't ask me. My pale collection of financial misgivings will always disappear in the shadow of Trump sized examples. As like Dr. Evil, I too have set my target a lot too low on the money (darn it). What I could do with a million dollars. I also guess like the ol' doc, I yearn to hold the world hostage for a king's ransom.
 Wait... whuuat? How quickly I fall off the subject.
 Home owning may not be your flavor of the moment. For me, I am so happy with my permanent residence. Over the last 20 years, I've been around to see both good and bad living conditions. Mostly bad, but I best not share those details. I don't want to leave you ill. Thankfully, my parents helped me in recovering from those dark times.
 Thank you for coming by. Please, visit again soon. Stay Safe!

The Daily Twerp @ Far West

Good Morning Readers,
 I am so excited about seeing this new game. Because I just can't wait, I braided my goatee three or four times to date. I put my money where my mouth was, and backed these developers through and I am absolutely amazed. I would have liked to given them more. What a deserving product. If they manage to pull it together, it will be worth the effort. I have been watching thier updates. They are leaving me to crave for more details.
 Go check them out. It is a first for me, so I am feeling this one will be rather special. A friend of mine is a lot more familiar with crowd funding. He has done about a dozen or more. He shared a link at facebook, and I followed it. I am an instant fan.
 I am no stranger to mashup adventures. I have seen a lot of other games from different venues. Once they complete thier production, the developers will be offering a more enriched environment, and a great resource for future use.
 I can only predict what they might do for world development. I have seen quite a few "Spagetti Westerns" and I kinda believe it had a small part with me moving to the Southwest. Aside from who directed the movies, or  who wrote the stories, or the actual filming locations, I can associate to a lot of what I have seen around the state I call home. 
 In fact, they inspired me to do a little screenwriting work. I can tell some wild and weird stories. I tapped accross the laptop keys to come up with five shorts. My 3 minute webisodes were fun to write. From New Orleans, to Albuquerque, to Yuma and beyond, anything can happen.
 I guess I can blow the dust off a few other ideas now, and see where I can fit them into the big picture. As long as the dust storm here Tucson doesn't roll my truck over.
 Stay Safe Gang, and Happy Gaming!
Jesse "James" Rexroad
25 September 2011

Daily Twerp @ ...something?

Good evening readers,
 I have a short update from earlier. It sounded like my truk is ready, but it is still at the engine shop. Uhg. Well, I am planning to be at the terminal tomorrow. If in the least, I can go down to the Cummings yard and pick up my truck.
 Hitting the open road on the weekend sucks. My prediction is an awful scenario of how I am actually going to get out of town. Typically... wait ...well, let me explain a little detail first. We have a Wal-Mart dedicated division that has its own yard about 24 miles away on a Wal-Mart DC yard.
 I think I will get stuck with a one way trip to El Paso, delivering to a couple of Wal-Mart stores. Uhg, again. I am not a fan of these trips, and to top it off, it is the weekend. It is about a 4 hour trip and I earn little money off short miles. Double uhg.
 While working, Texas is one of my least favorite places to get stuck in. The top of that list is Chicago. I hate driving there. Los Angeles is not even on that list. I don't have huge problem with the traffic. It too sucks, but not in the same fasion of other places. My hometown of Omaha, is on this list. Really. My residence is not. Yes. It is weird. Then again, I am talking about driving a class A truck.
 What did you think I was talking about?
Stay Safe, 
22 September 2011

Weekly Twerp? @ Downtime and Recovery

 Does that sound right? Anyhoo, I am thankful to be home during this short vaction. It sort of feels like a long break that is. The original cause for it was the fussy truck I am assaigned. It needed to go into the shop. The bad news is that I am not making money while the wheels don't roll. The good news is that it is getting fixed, and I am home with my wife and son.
 On to what I am doing in the meantime. I am hiding out in the cave, while the wife is at work and my son is at school. I am enjoying my time home. It is hard to maintain a balance between work and home. I go through the trouble of making it work. I can't help but worry about home when I am on the road.
 On the other side of the same coin, when I am home, I worry about work. The company has policies in place. Really no different than any other business, and as an employee I am obligated to be a good worker. If it was any other kind of job, then mabye the thrill or fear of it would be different. Is there a better word to describe this feeling?
 The drag of being home, is the eye infection I had. Well the doctor doesn't believe it is an infection and called it something else, but he gave me a prescription for antibiotics. The issue is completely a skin problem. Like a pimple. Having it right on the eyelid was painful. On a scale of 0 thru 10, it was like a thumb in the eye. Annoying.
 I am able to take advantage of this time. I have watched a little television, but I am caught up with the shows I like. There is very little else at the moment to see. On the other hand, I am also writing. I added to my resources collection. I want to write. These new books should help me in that area.
 I need to write. I like to draw. I needed to draw at one time. I still like to illustrate. I spent more time in the art classes, but I never forgot what I did in the English and Creative Writing classes.
 I am moving right along. I am discovering new ways to make my skills work for me. Most importantly I am finding ways to listen to my family, mentors, and critics. I have some fans, and it seems I always listen to them. They are great, but they can't give me everything I need to improve.
 Thank you for reading. I will be adding more soon. Stay Safe.
22 September 2011

Daily Twerp @ Over the Road

Good Morning Readers,
 I tried recently to get my website to accept an update. It didn't happen. The delay I think was caused by location. I had been wandering down south on the boarder. The day job had me running cargo accross California and Arizona.
 Today I am in Denver, and the broadband card is showing me that the 4G Network is alive and well. Unfortunately, I am having to start from scratch. I misfiled my article. The recent subject was an audiobook written by Robert Crais. STALKING THE ANGEL was a great listen.
 I was able to find some Lee Child books too. My copy of PERSUADER had two number 4 disks in it, so I was a little bummed about that. However, ECHO BURNING was a great listen too. Though, I was kind of surprised about how ill prepared Reacher was. I mean he had been an Itinerant for awhile at this point of his life.
 The big news for me this week was the followup update on FAR WEST. The Kickstarter backing has been closed a couple of weeks now. The development staff is hard at work. I can't wait to see this product. The material is familiar to a lot of people. The real kick to this genre is in the "how" it is getting presented. It will be Awsome!
Look for it, and check it out. In the meantime, Happy Gaming and Reading folks.
Stay Safe,
16 September 2011
Oh, and Happy Anniversary too me. Yesterday was my 6th year with SWIFT. Yay.

The Daily Twerp @ Hometime

Good Evening Readers,
 I managed to get an extra day at home. Yay. My truck status this morning was a bit... er, uhm more, a lot on the bad side. I tried taking care of my assigned equipment, but sometimes that is not enough.
 As an Over-the-Road driver, you might never really know get the full scope of a truck's condition. Yes, an inspection is expected and is always done before signing the paperwork. If there are any problems, the shop guys can get each of them addressed before heading out into the Great Maze.
 My truck was operational when I was first given the keys. A prior issue in the transmission was managed before I got it, and was placed back on functional status at that time. For a good month or more, the truck was running decent for me. I prefer Volvo Trucks over Kenworth and Frieghtliners which are common. I don't have much familiarity with Peterbuilt.
 This last rotation out, I was experiecing lag, drag, and grind in only one area of the transmission. In about a week, it got worse. It can't really be overlooked. I turned the truck into the shop for them to look over. They know the truck's history more clearly than I ever could since it is company equipment.
 I personally have some additional experience in mechanics and maintenance. Not enough that I'd put it to better use as a full-time mechanic. It basically allows me to improve performance, or better yet, efficiency. However, I know my judgement calls in this case was best in preventing additional damage. I believe I have a pretty good track record in improving most of the used trucks I have been assigned. Within the last 6 years in my current employ, I think I am around the count of 24 different trucks that I have driven.
 As for the exact numbers, I can't be accurate about my performance. The company tracks specific driver stats in areas of idle time, on-time delivery, and truck time operation. Heck, I even recieved a few calls from safety when they see I have braked too hard. Yarp, there is a sensor somewhere in there to alert them of the events at the time when they occur.
 Hopefully I will get a new truck assigned tomorrow morning. When I left work today, I didn't know what the final verdict was on the truck. No matter what, this truck is not currently available. So, I spent quality time at home. On the other hand, my wife is ready for me to get back to work.
 Well, I guess that is enough jibber-jabber from me. I have more stuff to follow up on. Stay Tuned, and Stay Safe.
30 August 2011

Daily Twerp @ Over The Road

Good Evening Readers,
 Okay, I am a bit overdue on rating this book. I liked it. As with most audiobooks, one of my many rules, is that they get saved for only when I am driving. As for the rating, I am between 3 1/2 skulls to 4 skulls on this book. I think I was disappointed by the ending. I need to discuss this book with somebody who has either read it or listened to it. Reading other reviews do not help my disposition.
 Anyway, that is all I have about it. Stay Safe.
20 August 2011

Hello Again Readers,
 Talk about freaky. I finished Disc 4 today. I know I am behind on new releases. In this case, really way behind. The copyright date is showing me 2008. I don't know the original release date. I found an Audiobook copy today at a Love's truck stop in Ontario, Oregon. I am totally into it.
 Check it out! I haven't finished yet, but it will get a G-Z rating. Stay Safe.
15 August 2011

Daily Twerp @ Kickstarter: Far West

Good Evening Gamers,
 Time is running out! Have you seen this project? I am just excited about this. I have never heard of crowd funding. At least, I think that is the term for it.
 Anyhoo, go check it out! A friend and I discussed this subject for about 20 minutes on Facebook. I am looking forward to the game being released. Get behind this project.
Thank you for coming by. Happy Gaming!

Special Announcement


 This 7 year special bouquet can only be seen here exclusively at Game-Zombie. The arrangement consists of both Freesia and Tulip flowers. Freesia, by one source, is the 7th year flower. Tulip is my wife's favorite.
 Thank you for coming by. Stay Safe.
Jesse Rexroad
04 August 2011 

The Legend of the Um'unaki Indian Tribe

* * *
 Josey slid out of the driver's seat, and stepped out on to the broken pavement. The heavy humidity clung to his skin and clothes. He could smell something hot and wet in the air. His nose wrinkled enough to shift his dark lensed glasses. They hid his eyes from the glare of the sun.
 Josey reached into his back left pants pocket, and then pulled out a black card case. He slid out a blank white card from a sleeve. He looked at the card. It gleamed in the sunlight, and it revealed the address. He studdied the ruins of houses. He spotted the correct one. He started towards it
* * *
 "Will the truth enlighten you? Or, will it scare you?" Roka Loka said with a calm and unreadable face.

 Josey just stood silently in the shadow of the dark hallway. He was slightly stunned by the question.

 "First, we must find the Devil's Elbow." the small witch doctor finally spoke after a long pause.
 "Okay." Josey answered with an unsure waiver in his voice.
* * *
 "Khui, khui, khui... KOHUI PHUT PHUT TRUP KHUI." Roka Loka spoke at the withered door. The witch doctor raised a small coup stick. He rapped it on the wooden frame.
 "KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK." Nothing at all seemed to have happened. The old house possesed a chilling cold silence. Roka Loka gestured at Josey to open the closet door. He stepped up, and hesitantly touched the knob. It felt ice cold.
 Josey flinched. Roka Loka smiled. Josey rolled his eyes, and then steeled himself. He grasped the knob, and turned. The door fell loose from the frame. It creaked as it swung slowly open. Bright light poured through the small portal, and filled the dark corridor.
* * *
Jesse James Rexroad 2011 @ Superstition Streets

Daily Twerp @ Another Day Gone By

Good Evening my Fellow Gamers,
 Shazam, I must be living with my head under a rock or something. I had one of those moments today that slapped me awake and made me smell the napalm. I discovered how far off the mark I have been with a lot of ideas. I guess I became pacified by my day job. Everything else just gets done in its own slow time.
 I like being a professional driver. It is a great job. It has a downside, and it seems my wife and I do talk about it. The one thing it doesn't do for us, is allow me to be home more. She and I agree that the money is important, and that responsibilities are reasonbly covered. Can it be better? We are trying to learn how. 
 I miss being a storyteller. I have been learning how to get back to it, and I firmly believe that what I got is worth it. I get terribly frustrated with how slow the process gets. As a solo developer, I really don't know any deadlines. By meaning, yes I know what the purpose of it is for.
 As my own manager, well, the day job is still 100% ontime. Those customers are happy. I still get a few strange crossed-up comunications on the qualcomm, that affect me but are not really meant for me. I like having the office window with an ever changing view. But if I could really pursue the job I love, then I might be happy to give up this office seat of the highway.
That is all I have for now. A plan is still there to update this ol' site. I make it so hard for myself to share all things I like with you fine folks. Thank you for coming by.
Stay Safe,
18 July 2011 

The Daily Twerp @bout Running thru the Great Maze

Good evening my fellow... celebraters? goers? ...pyromaniacs?
Anyhoo, it is the Free Spirit calling from the road again. Well one that is only 33% bound of the road anyway. I am soooo ready to be home again. Yeah, yeah I know. I haven't been out very long. Though it has been over two weeks since I posted, so maybe you didn't know.
HAPPY 4th of JULY!!!
I have been running around for the day job. Found myself in Sparks, Nevada three different times in one week. Wasn't I stuck at the Alamo six months ago for a holiday weekend or something? Can't remember... well, sorta do. I think I even blogged about it.
I'd rather be home. Stay Safe.
04 July 2011

The Daily Twerp @bout Being Over The Road

Hey Gang,
 Back for another weekend update. Not much else to report. The day job is steady work. I have to thank the folks over once again. A couple new audiobooks helped in managing the droning noise of the road.
 I think Elmer Keaton is a new fovorite line of books. TEXAS RANGERS, and HEWEY CALLOWAY were some good books to listen to. SONS OF TEXAS sounds interesting. I need to find part 2 of Book 1.
 In the meantime, DOOM HELIX was a great distraction. Them cockroaches from the alternate earth surprised the hell out of me. I remember when they appeared the first two times. Anyhow, that is all I have for now.
Stay Safe.
12 June 2011

The Daily Twerp @bout Learning how to be More Busy

Good Morning My Fellow Gamers,
 Welcome to the recently redesigned homepage of the hapless and witless game-blogger. Well, maye more distracted than foolish. At least I try to be entertaining. You don't agree?!? Then why are you still reading silly?
 Anyhoo, I am still at it. Writing about everything, and still trying to write everything else. Somehow I am compelled. I don't know what will come of it. Really. On one page, I should be on game topics. With a different page I have yet to get into the details about a board game.
 In a completely different avenue, I am writing four different scripts. Talk about busy without a clear cause. Not entirely true, but what can a person do when he is wingin' it alone? Mehh. I will tell you more if I ever figure it out. It seems I am still missing the key elements.
 I have sought out help. From friends, I have one that shares some vision. Like me, Ol' Mighty Mike struggles to get the job done out in the Great Maze. I haven't asked where he made it to. He is probably stuck like I am for the Holiday Weekend.
 On the book front, I have purchased several books on different subjects. I have managed to make contact with the author of one of them on FACEBOOK. Totally cool. What tripped me up, was what he suggested to write about. He is incredibly intuitive, or has a knack for reading minds.
 I do have more about all of this, but it must wait untill later. Thank you for comning by. Stay tuned, and stay safe. Happy Gaming!
27 May 2011

Good Morning,
 What an unbelievable time it has been. It has been two weeks since my last entry. I have been busy. I am all over the place. Between driving and writing, I feel like a pinball. It is nice to be occupied by more things than just driving, or just internet game apps.
 I am not enjoying my time in the southwest. I'd rather be home. It seems everywhere I have been,  it is hot. HOT! Yes, I do live in the southwest. When I am home, the weather has been good. My wife, would claim that I spend too much time indoors, and couldn't possibly know anything about the weather. Ehh, maybe I do know more...
 Anyhoot, in the places I have driven through, it has been HOT. Places like El Paso, Snowflake, Holbrook, and Phoenix. I caught some relief in Blythe, Cochella, Fontana, and Tracy. However, the trade off from the heat was wind. I swear I can repaint my truck now because all of the sandblasting it has received. After when I get all of the bug guts washed off.
 Onto something completely different. I am not listening to as many audiobooks as I used to. I did find a new addition to the Deathlands series. I started and finished it yesterday. It was a nice find, because I haven't been keeping up to date with the website. They have been sending email updates, but those have been covering books I am not interested in.
 To think of it, I did find a new Jeffery Deaver audiobook. The Vanishing Man was a great listen. However, it proved that my collection of Lincoln Rhyme novels are out of order. Not surprising. Most of my collections are like that. I listened to the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child, and the Elvis Cole series by Robert Crais out of order.
 Well gang, I oughtta get back to work. I got thump on somebody's screen with the ol' QUALCOMM. I am back here in El Paso. I dragged a load from Van Nuys, CA. I'd bet some folks will be happy to know that I brought the beer from Budwieser. I wanna go home.
 Stay Safe.
15 May 2011

Hello Folks,
 I am back. I must apologize once again. Between the day job and personal pursuits, I have been trying to stay on top of things. Some of my projects are plugging along. Others, not so much. My latest distraction has been my birthday. Parallel to this, a good friend of mine is returning from a year-long over seas assignment.
 I have two subjects that I have been working with. I hope to get them added this next month. One of them is adding more recepies to the cookbook. The other is about Celebrity Apprentice. I am such a fan of the show. I am not as focused with it as I once was. However, I am trying to stay up to date. Tonight, as I write, I am not able to watch the latest episode.
 In fact, right now, I am listening to the news my wife has on the television. May 1st 2011, is going to be a major date for some time to come. The President is on ABC giving a speech about the death of Osama Bin Laden. I will take a break from here and go listen.
Stay Safe.

The Daily Twerp @bout A Gaming Practice

Good Afternoon Readers,
 Way down below, at the bottom of this page. I shared a list of what I believe to be good conduct guidelines. I did tailor this list, based on what I had seen out around the internet on the subject.
 I really have not received a wide range of email on the subject. I sort of expected it to be, but it was pretty narrow in scope. In basic, the matter was either liked or disliked. No detail was included on the feedback as to the "why" towards either side of the case.
 In general, maybe the response is more than enough. I have no clue if other groups have adopted a conduct practice. I can promise, with the games I promote and organize, I try to follow and enforce my own advice. I don't like gaming by myself.
Guideline # 9:
 I can be very passionate about this subject. A character is just a character. I recently read a debate about this, in relation to role playing. Each side seems to have the same idea, but no clear way to manage it. Largely, it is a group dynamic as a whole to have the problem settled. There is no universal answer. I doubt there ever will be.
 Attempts, about this, have been made in many gaming circles. I have visited each one. Nearly everyone can agree that a character is just a character. They do not have to be disposable, nor do they need to be metadimensional. All characters serve a purpose. Not all well written characters have to be a protagonist, or antagonist. Most games don't usually allow for it. On the other side of this coin, some peolpe believe a character should be all of these things.
 There really is no golden rule to dictate the properties of a good character. Don't try to blindly believe there is a set of strict rules on it, because somebody will say "It is bullshit, and it is bad for you". Yes, ultimately players will require room to manuever, and should be left free to convey thier character's personality, perform actions, and also socialize within the given role.
 Consider this kind of activity as player strategy, or have it function as tactical interaction. It does not matter in what metagaming is named as. It has to be accepted. It has to be expected as a solid component to role play. After a game session, most players are receptive to thier own recognition in any given role.
 In the most likely even, such as in a convention environment, I have seen many award ceremonies. They can be simple affairs, or they can be as grand as the Oscar Awards. They don't exclusively happen at the big shin-digs like GENCON. I know for fact they can happen in the smallest of venues too.
 The point, simply, all players can be winners if everyone is able to keep a role play game entertaining. Not all players are expected to perform the same. When the rookies try, it can be a lot of fun to watch. In closing, if this can't be good enough, then I will suggest to keep with the bourdgames, cardgames, warfare venues, and any of the social network games.
Thank you. Stay Safe, and Happy Gaming.
22 March 2011

The Daily Twerp @bout Nothing

Good Afternoon My Fellow Gamers,
 So incredibly sorry. It is near the end of the month, and I have almost nothing to report. It does not mean that things have been boring. Not on this side of the keyboard anyway. All of my friends may have seen more dice action than me, but I am far from bored.
 Truthfully, I would like to use boredom as an excuse for not blogging. However, it wouldn't be fair, because I have used that line many times before. This time around, in fact, the story is that I have been terribly distracted. The new truck I have been assigned has been working incredibly well. I have been making real money. My phonebill and broadband usage was falling behind in getting paid.
 I am on my downtime tonight. I don't believe I will be able to catch up on anything. My Facebook and Netflix accounts have seen most of the attention my time offers. For me, it easier to watch another episode of one series or another, than to spend anytime writing. While driving, I spend time thinking about my projects. Since both hands stick to the steering wheel, I don't do anything about it.
 Again, sorry. Please stay tuned. I will find my balance to get some playtime in. Tomorrow morning, I get to start a brand new audiobook. DEATHLANDS 91: Blood Harvest. I didn't pay attention to email, other websites, or serious news updates. I was very surprised to find a copy at the truckstop.
Stay safe, and happy gaming!
27 February 2011

The Daily Twerp @bout A Gaming Practice

Good Morning my Fellow Gamers,
I was just reflecting over a phone conversation I had last night. It was with a long time friend who I had gamed with for what... maybe 12 years or more. I would be guessing on that. We have the common grudges we hold against each other about gaming. We are both agreed about how players and game managers become more inflexible over time. Especially with the same game system they continue the play under. This would refer to any game system. There is no specific culprit to blame.
He and I are some of the oldest dogs to lie on the porch, when it comes to role play games. We have several other friend that fit the same profile. You know what they say about old dogs. If you don't believe it is true, then please, get to know us better. We take up a lot of room on our porch.
Anyhoo, we are among the oldest veterans of the Deadlands game system. That system serves the point of this article best. The part we are most familiar with is technically out of print. The odd part of it, we know the creator of the game better than he knows either of us. Actually, I can safely bet, he has never heard of us.
The heart of the matter is that my buddy and I know the secrets of the Deadlands game. We got into nearly every nook and crany with each component ever released under the Deadlands name. Most of these different sources are also out of print. The new stuff, in my opinion, does not even include any hint of these juicy details.
The big story remains untold. I don't know who to feel most sorry for. Should it be me and my buddy? The players who miss out? The creator of the game system? Or should it be the writers who helped to elaborate the Wierd West world of Deadlands. It may be a question thst remains unanswered.
I have been a fan of gaming for a long time. The storytelling game and role playing game is probably the most unique game to ever be developed. Most games offer the objective of winning. Card games, board games, wargames, and casino games utilize this point most effeciently. Role play games do not. This is part of the reason why the online game environments have come around. They fold in the need for winning a game.
The role play game strips the objective of winning, and replacess it with story progression. Seeding a plot idea or twist is not enough. Letting the players believe they have been left in charge is also not enough. Most new Game Managers lack the skill to make a story progress under its own power. It is a very hard task to achieve.
I don't have the real secret for true role play gaming success. However, my buddy and I have some wisdom to share. We hope it points you in the right direction to discover the secret for your own gaming success. The next step is definitely streamline your use of rules. Guidelines are better for you anyway.
Over time, I will be expanding upon this. My start into this notion came with the Rules of Etiquett article. Look up Daily Twerp @ Gaming. I am thankful my buddy understands our relationship with each other pretty well. I am also glad he shares his insight on gaming too. Most of my ill will gets projected at his game group through him. However our drama, I hope, will be my best tool to help other role play gamers navigate better.
Thank you for stopping by. Stay Tuned, and Stay Safe.
22 December 2010

The Daily Twerp @bout A Gaming Practice

Good morning my fellow gamers,
I am here to share the gospel of game. Specifically today, role-play game sessions and etiquette. Everybody that games, has a different idea about what the rules of conduct are. Have no fear, the daily gamer is here. Understand that this covers only the face to face; gather with your friends for a lot (or little) of gaming fellowship.
Where shall I start? There are so many aspects. I know I will forget something. If any gamers have ideas to add, then please email me at and I will review your suggestions. Part of what lead to this article, was members of an old play group mired in their own drama. I couldn't help, but there was something to be learned from them. Our average time in the hobby of games collectively in that group is about 12.33 years.
1. KNOW THE GAME. "The Golden Rule is that there are no rules; just guidelines." That doesn't work. The game manager (or game master, or referee) is expected to be firm with the rules. On occasion, these individuals become the focus of frustration. However, a strong knowledge with the game of choice can earn respect. It just becomes harder when there are too many chefs, trying to fix another chef's dish.
2. PLAY OR DON"T PLAY. Figure out your position in the group, and stick to it. Players need to remain players. When the torch, or talking stick is handed over to a new Game Manager, then let them be the GM. It is this simple, just stick to it.
3. REMEMBER, IT IS ONLY GAME. This phrase "REMEMBER, IT IS ONLY A GAME" can only go so far. Using it myself had been iffy at best. Use your own judgment. Expect the worse, and hope for the best. All games, even while at a convention, most players volunteer to be there.
Take a break for a moment. The above three rules are universal. While developing this article, I did do some research so I could expand the idea of game session etiquette. In later posts, I'd like to expand what could help players be better players, and game managers be better game managers. For now, back to the rules of conduct:
4. HOUSE RULES. Know what they are, and ask why they exist. Often enough, the new players of the group should be exempt from them during their first session in a group. These "extra" rules might have nothing to do with the current game being played. Such suggestions are:
  • The hosting player, takes care of the where and when.
  • The other players bring the snacks and drink.
  • The game manager should just bring the game.
  • All of the players need to take care of thier GM.
5. RELAX! I seen one site compare a game session to being a catharsis. Sure, whatever. Most players might not understand the outside extent of stress. There really is no room for seperate drama to be added into a game. If the fellowship works in game, then things might improve later after the game.
6. DON'T CHEAT! Why would a player think they need to? It might appear a GM does this on a regular basis, but in reality they are not. Their hanbook is greatly different than the player's handbbok. Just because a baddie gets to do something, doesn't mean the character is entitled do the same thing. If all of the other players can do it the hard way, so can the rest of the players.
7. KEEP IT SIMPLE. Learn the game, learn from the game. Make additions, not revisions. Have faith in the published game, as it was designed by the game creators. This might mean having to endure the Game Manager quoting the designer on a rule issue. So what, one objective of a game session is entertainment. Players shouldn't complain how it is delivered, unless the execution is completely horrible.
8. CLEAN CONDUCT. Players might find no love in the game. If they conduct themselve pretty poorly, then they will be received pretty poorly. Save the belly aches about the game, untill after the game or during down-time between game sessions. If a player is being out of character, crude, cruel, or even disruptive to a game, then they should not expect to be liked. Other gamers may not take a side. It's important to remember that people generally have social norms, and breaking them can cause serious trouble.
Take another break. Think about these new points of etiquette. I know some Live Action Games list some rules of their own. These are very close to the same expression as shown here. Again, if any gamer thinks these points need to be expanded, then contact me at so I can make additions to the list.
9. PLAY THE ROLE. Can players just treat their game like Las Vegas, Nevada would with their own play environment? Probably not. Maybe to some degree, where the story goes and how characters perform, can in fact just stay in the game. A difference of opinion may occur with player conduct. How one character performs is dictacted by notes that player has for a given character. Another player or GM might think the same notes should be interpreted differently. The details should only matter to the player of the performing character. Players need to play their own character roles.
10. COMMUNICATION. Some players believe this is the only key to a good game. Sure, if the one rule had greater importance over another rule, then maybe this point should be listed towards the top of the points. However, all of the rules are important. Compliments and complaints should be attended to promptly, near most of them can be handeld during the close-of-session of a game.
Don't waste the time thinking about the rules, nor ignore one rule in favor of another. Learning about player habits can help a lot too. Not all of the game-types utilize all of these rules. These are best tailored for use in table-top role-play game environments.
So go out my young gamers, and play in your game worlds with a lighter heart. Have fun, and be well.
15 November 2010
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