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    Thank You for coming by! This website is dedicated to Games, Fellowship, and More. Basically, it will cover the games I like, and run as a Games manager. Mainly, if a topic exists, it may often, wander like zombies do. Overwhelmed with a hunger for more brains. In this case, player brains.
    Announcements and Blog Posts appear on the Mortal Coil page. A story of some shenanigans that happened at Roll20.net might show up. The Game Closet page will have basic notes on games. Such as Role Play, Board, and Card. It is a table-top hobby, and the work is always in progress.


Near Future Urban Thriller : There is a little of everything from conspiracy, adventure, speculation and superstition. The United States is afflicted by the Greater Depression. Government influence is weak and corrupt. Everyone still wants their slice of the pie, to stake a claim, or press their luck.

Weird Western : Dime Novel Adventure : Some folks have it good, while others don't. Welcome to the Southwestern Territories. In 1879, prospecting is the main claim of these parts. Though desperadoes and bandits have caused a little havoc for the railroad and overland mail.


Science Fiction Adventure : Inspired by Japanese Anime : Go beyond the confines of the Earth to explore and discover a Solar System on the brink of war. Along the way, interact with characters and possibly alter forever the destiny of the Jovian Confederation, if not the human race!

Action, Adventure, and Mystery : Bienvenido a San José : Scoundrels, Troubleshooters, and Thrill Seekers looking for danger and adventure. Simply, no need to seek out trouble, because it is always looking for them. Everyone is driven by power, money, revenge, or inspired by an ideal of justice.

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